1983: "A Nation at Risk" Called K12 to action! Billions spent on better K12 schools. But, it's each student's success that's needed!

UnknownAs our School Year comes to an end, we still ask ourselves: Is “A Nation at Risk” still at risk?

The better question is “Are our learners still at risk?”

Here we are, 36 years since the report: “A Nation at Risk-The Imperative for Educational Reform” was launched. It brought great hope to hundreds of thousands of educators and hundreds of millions of students. Parents, too. But, sad to report,  we are still  at risk, and more than ever.

Can Money Fix Schools? Can More Money Help More Students?

How Can More New Ideas Help?

Unknown-1Does a huge amount of money and thousands of new ideas about educational reform result in a signficant, positive difference in student learning?

We wish! As an example, we’ve put millions of high-tech tools in classrooms, but without a good plan to improve learning.

Since 1983 thousands of reform proposals have been funded to help. Yet, hardly a single school, let alone school district, has maintained a successful program of continuing reform and betterment. We need new, more effective and replicable plans. We need to find what works here can work there. How can we replicate success?

What Did Work!….More Students Learning More.

And Even More Still Can!

PresBush&ElijahUsing new tools for learning and focusing more on the success of EACH student, we created The Saturn School of Tomorrow.

Over 10,000 visitors came to see our students and teachers in action. Among them was  president of the United States, George H. W. Bush. In 1991. Saturn School was a unique leader in school reform.

Here’s the success story students told our visitors how Saturn School was truly different 28 years ago. Watch the video the Saturn students created and produced to tell their stories of learning success.

Nobody knows better what works in a school than students and teachers.

It’s not the school that needs to improve, it’s the students!

If each student succeeds, so will the schools.

004_symbol_banners_blue-ribbon-free-vector-1That’s what the President Bush’s student “tutor” above showed him! And standardized test scores had nothing to do with a learner’s success. Percentiles are microbits of data to describe schools, but they do virtually nothing to help each student improve.

Too many superintendents stand and say, “We will make all students above average!” RE@L asks, “How is that possible?” Everyone can’t be above average. What we do want is more students learning more. We need schools in which EACH learner can exploit their unique gifts and improve other needed skills.

Standardized student scores lead to senseless school scores. Standardized percentiles tell us almost nothing about how to help each learner:

When schools fail, many students are failing too.  Question: What leads each student to overall success? Answer: Systemic-Change™!

STEM 3 BubblesMore money, more new ideas, more replications of success, more inter-connections among schools and districts, students and teachers. We need more linkages among teachers and students…..allowing students everywhere to share their questions and answers with real professionals in the field. That makes for Real-World learning.

UnknownSo, how do we free our Nation At Risk? We must first free the Students at Risk! Give each student greater control over their own learning.

Free our Teachers at Risk, providing them with new ways to lead more learners. In short, help each learner create a Systemic-Change-Plan™ that works. Learners need a plan with a virtual “feedback loop,” one that continues improvements for both students and teachers. Click on the graphic to the right for RE@L’s STEM plan to make learning success happen.

We must encourage our teachers and students to connect, to plan together, to work together on real-world, hands-on and heads-on learning projects. RE@L’s goal is to give teachers and students the tools and products to make Systemic-Change happen.

Here’s a RE@L revolutionary learning system that works!

Water-Capture-2One such product is RE@L’s soon-to-be-released STEM Water Quality Investigations™. This revolutionary software product has new built-in tools for better learning and improved teaching: RE@L-Time Portal™ to share successes and answer questions.

More RE@LBlog discussion is forthcoming on how RE@L can help reform the performance of all K12 schools. It begins with reforming the ways our many and diverse students learn. Click on the graphic to the left for more information.

systemicOur future RE@LBlogs will continue to present new ways for more K12 students to learn more. Our Systemic Change™ plan allows more teachers to reach out to more students and other teachers. All can learn more and better ways to learn.

Yes, RE@L’s Systemic-Change™ can and will raise the academic performance of each learner. Working together we can change “A Nation at Risk” to a “A Nation Succeeding!” Each learner and every teacher can help make it happen.

Our RE@L mission is this: To find more ways to make more students more successful learners.

Systemic-Change™ reduces risk and restores success for all learners.

More students learning more…

Create new schools

Succeeding more!

Tom King & Dale LaFrenz

Dr. Tom King has served for over 40 years as an Adjunct Professor at the University of Saint Thomas in the School of Education. The Saturn School of Tomorrow, formerly a St. Paul Public School, and his visionary response to educational reform, was a lighthouse on the frontier of school change. Tom was an experienced high school teacher of mathematics, a school administrator, and Director of Technology for the St. Paul MN Public Schools. He is also a member of the RE@L Team. Dr. Dale LaFrenz is Chairman of RE@L and one of the founders of MECC Software who brought “Oregon Trail” to millions of K12 kids everywhere. He has written extensively on the history and evolution of Ed Tech. His work in forging new paths for MECC’S “edutainment" software was instrumental in connecting school-markets, kids, teachers and consumer-markets/kids/parents, and now serves as the new launching pad for RE@L apps and software.