RE@L Babysitting: Get Organized

Set up, organize and manage a "real-world" babysitting business using our revolutionary new RE@L Babysitting Inc. Get Organized app!

RE@L Babysitting Inc. Get Organized is a Totally Unique App!

Children will become “babysitting entrepreneurs” as they immerse themselves in the rich array of tools, activities, social media posts and other information contained in the RE@L Babysitting Inc. Get Organized app.

RE@L Babysitting Inc. Get Organized

RE@L Babysitting Inc. Get Organized will help kids set up and manage a “real world” babysitting business. Filled with practical tools, RE@L Babysitting Inc. Get Organized allows kids to learn all about babysitting, develop a plan/budget, and to create materials to promote their babysitting business.


Kids gain practical experience with planning their sales budget by tracking and managing their earnings, profits and expenses.

Business Plan

Utilizing RE@L Babysitting’s unique business planning tool, kids go through a decision making process on how they want to run their business which results in a clear, organized “real world” business plan that they can share with their friends, parents and teachers.

Business Cards

RE@L Babysitting Inc. GetOrganized lets kids create, produce and deliver in person or electronically a variety of personalized business cards for their babysitting business.


Babysitters learn content as well as contribute their own thoughts on an assortment of topics associated to starting up their babysitting business with the RE@L Babysitting Inc. GetOrganized app.

More RE@L Babysitting Apps Launching Soon

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