RE@L Raceway Math: Subtraction Facts

Students race to the finish line while learning the 100 key subtraction facts.

RE@L Raceway Math: Subtraction Facts is designed to help students memorize the key 100 basic subtraction math facts.

RE@L Raceway Math: Subtraction Facts is an app that helps elementary school students memorize the basic subtraction facts. The same team that developed the classic educational computer program Speedway Math, used by elementary students throughout the world, designed this app. Memorizing the basic math facts for all operations is an important step in the process of developing problem solving skills. Since recalling math facts quickly is an indicator of how well one has memorized the facts, a race track settings is natural. Each race is assigned a speed based on time and accuracy and kids can race against friends or just try to beat their own best speed!


Races can be either short practice laps of 10 facts each or full races consisting of the entire set of facts. Kids can race alone or against a friend. They can also choose a level based on their current mastery level of the facts. This is particularly important for younger children just starting to memorize their basic subtraction facts.

• Level 1: minuends up to 9
• Level 2: minuends up to 12
• Level 3: minuends up to 18

Following each lap or race, the results are shown and a speed (MPH) is assigned. A special feature following each race is the option to review any missed facts. This gives the student an opportunity to “see, hear, say, and write” any missed facts which helps in the transfer of the fact to their long term memory. The user is then challenged to race again and try to improve their speed.

Another feature is that results from each session are saved for later viewing by parents or teachers so they can track the progress of individuals. There is also a settings section for parents and teachers to set the problem format, the extent of review for missed facts, and control the sound and voice. In addition, many suggestions are included for parents wanting to help their child with the memorization of their math facts.

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