Creator of MECC's Oregon Trail of Yesteryear - Now RE@L STEM Software of Today: Podcast Overview by RE@L's Don Rawitsch

RE@L-logo_Corp_TM_New-Tag_8-15-17_CMYK-300x127   RE@L brings you a recent podcast by our VP of Product Development, Don Rawitsch. Excellent interview from the Association for Educational Service Agencies (AESA) about RE@L’s new and upcoming STEM products (Investigations).

Hear the background story on RE@L by Don.  The upcoming release of our new STEM Investigation is a major step forward for our schools and their STEM curriculum. We are pleased that EduTechGuys invited RE@L to provide regular podcasts on RE@L’s STEM Investigations.

RE@L brings to this critical, new market software that’s been tested with teachers and students.

We at RE@L know it works because educators and students know it works!

Here’s Don’s Podcast, courtesy of the EduTechGuys™.

To hear it, just click the graphic below, and when the window opens, click once on the pause button, and once on the play button.

DonRPodcast 120418 Rev1

Recorded by Don Rawitsch, PhD
Executive Vice President, Product Development
RE@L STEM Investigations


Don is responsible for creating and developing the RE@L STEM Investigations curricula products. Don brings RE@L more than 30 years of leadership as a learning innovator in educational computing, as highlighted by his work as a co-inventor of the original version of the iconic educational simulation game, Oregon Trail.

Don’s broad-based experience includes staff and managerial positions in product development, project management, and customer training. He has excelled in a variety of corporate environments ranging from startup to long established companies representing the solid foundation of U.S. companies that have anchored the education industry.

STEM WQI Graphic2Once again, the talents that brought Oregon Trail to the K12 world now bring a new STEM software on Water Quality that works in a team-based, hands-on, heads-on environment in a real world setting.

imageThere are more RE@L STEM software products to come!

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