Here's What Our RE@L Blog Readers Had to Say about Jackie and Todd LaFrenz's Teacher Tips for the New School Year! Wow!

RE@L-logo_Corp_TM_New-Tag_8-15-17_CMYK   We know for a fact that many teachers have read and/or bookmarked our RE@L Blogsite.  Yes, we’ve had over 400,000 visitors to our site!  More are following our RE@L Blog every day.

front_of_school-300x211Our most recent blog from our first RE@L Teacher Corner contributors, Jackie and Todd LaFrenz, was no exception.

UnknownTheir first Teacher Corner blog been featured on Facebook and has been garnering dozens of proactive, encouraging comments. Read on!

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Here are some of the many comments from Facebook followers, friends, both former and new alike, and grateful teachers everywhere.

Read on!


•  “You two are total rock stars in the teaching world!

     •  Welcome aboard, Jackie and Todd! It’s great to have your experienced and wise perspective for other teachers, too.

 •  As always – you 2 lead by example and your vision for child centered is appreciated!!

•  You are rocking it!!

•  Wow I feel like I know a celebrity

•  I love this!

•  Great job!!

•  Cool!!!

•  Very nice Jackie & Todd!!

•  Love it!!!! Thanks for sharing.

•  You 2 are amazing

•  This is awesome Jackie! I loved reading your words of wisdom!

•  So awesome

•  Your the BEST! Seriously, I just adore you!

•  I shared this with one of your past students….. a math teacher herself now. She can continue learning from two of the best! Have a great year!

•  This is very cool. Your philosophies and concepts are spot on. I hope more teacher’s follow your lead. Can’t think of two people more qualified! Wishing you both all the best!

•  SO awesome Jackie!!

•  What great blog….and four powerful ideas for teachers everywhere.

•  Super freaking cool sis. I read it all. Simply outstanding. so proud of you and the woman that you are. Todd also.  Xoxo

•  I love this and want to know more! On point….”  

•  Hot dang!


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