Inspirations Abound Here: Fix a Computer and Donate It So Others Can Learn to Fix and Donate: Pass It On! The "Asian Penguins" Are Doing It!

RE@L-logo_Corp_TM_New-Tag_8-15-17_CMYK-300x127     Looking for hope for our next generations?

So are we at RE@L! Look what came into our RE@L Inbox today.

Screen Shot 2018-10-27 at 10.59.58 AMLook no further than our local Mpls-St Paul Star Tribune’s  wonderful “Inspired” section.  More “GOOD news” that’s fit to print, every Saturday.

And, right here in our own two-river cities, at a school called: St. Paul’s Community School of Excellence (SPCSE), we find a school full of inspired kids and staff. Excellence indeed!

Read this quote by the school’s chief leader, Kazoua Kong-Thao:

“I believe the next generation is where we’re going to get out of poverty, get into the middle working class and continue to contribute more to society because of education and technology,” she said. Talk about an inspiring story!

Click on the photo of the students to read this uplifting story about the “Asian Penguins.”

ows_154059101217151RE@L says inspiration is more critical than ever in a world full of problems that need solving. And the best place to inspire the answers needed for tomorrow is in our schools today.

Here’s what Star Tribune reporter, Erin Golden, had to say:

“Back in this classroom, the bell rings and [Technology Coordinator, Stu] Keroff sends off the Penguins with his usual parting words: ‘Go change the world!’”

Indeed! That’s what learning is all about…changing the world for the better for our being here.

And that’s what they are doing at St. Paul’s Community School of Excellence. Yes, it takes hard work to make excellence happen in our schools. SPCSE is a charter school, and like any school, public, private or charter, the good one’s rise to the top because their teachers and students think they can, draw up a plan, and then just do it!

STEM2Here’s one more case for STEM in our schools. We need many more examples of schools like this. Yes, their teachers need training. They also need tested software/resources products to make it all work.

Both teachers and students need a place they go to find the answers and the inspirations. RE@L is pledged to the same revolution. Click on our graphic to the left for more information.

BubbleClick on our famous RE@L ThreeBubbles graphic to the right for more information on RE@L’s STEM and Water quality investigations.

Read about our first in-line product Water Quality Investigations–another product tested first by teachers and students. Note our powerful, new RE@L Portal where teachers and students alike can find the many resources and contacts they need….instantly, virtually and more.

A “RE@L Teacher Hats-Off and Student Learning Caps-Off” shout-out to the “Asian Penguin” kids, their teachers and their community. It’s inspiring! Here’s what’s inspiring to our RE@L ears when we mix STEM and Kids: 

Thomas Xiong, 13, serves as the Penguins’ club president. Since joining, he’s started to think differently about his future. He’s not sure what kind of a job he’d want, but he thinks it could be related to technology.

“I do know I will try to invent a new source of technology or a new model of technology usage,” he said.

Even more, those free, older computers they fixed up and repurposed are already enriching the lives of kids and families who didn’t have one. 

Another reason why teaching someone to fish or to fix a computer beats giving them one.


“Go, Change the World!” And as Steve Jobs often said at the end of his presentatons: “One More Thing!”:

On the back of their Asian Penguin Club T-shirts it also reads, even if it isn’t quite true…yet:

“Running out of things that can’t be done.” RE@L likes that confidence.


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