RE@L Teams with Moai Technologies to Develop Innovative Anti-Nicotine and Vaping Use Product for U.S. Middle Schools


      MOAI- At last, from RE@L and Moai, a powerful, new learning product to reduce the use of nicotine among middle school students! - 

RE@L is proud to announce this joint federal grant with Moai Technologies™.

Don-R2RE@L executive, Don Rawitsch, who years ago brought the learning game Oregon Trail™ to classrooms everywhere, is the team leader in charge of production.

Moai Technologies, LLC was awarded a grant in 2018, with RE@L named as the distribution partner. The award was received from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) to produce an educational product aimed at reducing the use of vaping and tobacco products by adolescents.

We at RE@L are thrilled to learn that this interactive, anti-nicotine product is soon to be field tested in schools.” We are confidant that this joint effort will ultimately result in a reduction of nicotine addiction for teenagers.

Trials will begin soon. Both RE@L and Moai expect positive results from this learning product, yet to be named.

Here’s Don Rawitsch’s overview:

“The purpose of the product is to provide U.S. middle schools with a tool to greatly improve their health education materials for covering vaping, smoking, and other types of nicotine use.  Such materials have been published for many years, but the vast majority of them are in print form.

Students, on the other hand, are increasingly using technology for learning and have come to expect a more up to date production value.  This product is an online interactive learning game suite.

Another part of the improvement process is producing content for the relatively recent phenomenon of vaping.  Whereas cigarette smoking in youth has decreased in recent years, the use of e-cigarettes has taken over satisfying the adolescent demand for nicotine products in the past 3-5 years.  Material on vaping has not kept up with this trend and will thus be an important aspect of the product’s development.

The product contains information on the following topics relating to smoking and vaping:

  • The role of nicotine in addiction.
  • How nicotine use affects the brain.
  • Various types of tobacco/nicotine products, especially those associated with smoking and vaping.
  • The chemical contents of commercial tobacco/nicotine products.
  • Damage to body organs and diseases caused by smoking and vaping.
  • Statistics and the use and effect of smoking and vaping products.
  • The marketing of smoking and vaping products.
Note: Research reported in this publication was supported by the National Institute of General Medical Sciences of the National Institutes of Health under Award Number R44GM130155. The content is solely the responsibility of the authors and does not necessarily represent the official views of the National Institutes of Health.”


RE@LBlog thanks RE@L’s Project Director, Don Rawitsch, for leading the development of this exciting, interactive and innovative learning product.

Our joint goal with Moai is to eliminate the use of nicotine before it starts, and by stopping its use before it becomes addictive to over 10,000,000 middle school students.

Stay tuned for further announcements on this exciting, new and needed middle-school product from RE@L and Moai!


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Tom King & Dale LaFrenz

Dr. Tom King has served for over 40 years as an Adjunct Professor at the University of Saint Thomas in the School of Education. The Saturn School of Tomorrow, formerly a St. Paul Public School, and his visionary response to educational reform, was a lighthouse on the frontier of school change. Tom was an experienced high school teacher of mathematics, a school administrator, and Director of Technology for the St. Paul MN Public Schools. He is also a member of the RE@L Team. Dr. Dale LaFrenz is Chairman of RE@L and one of the founders of MECC Software who brought “Oregon Trail” to millions of K12 kids everywhere. He has written extensively on the history and evolution of Ed Tech. His work in forging new paths for MECC’S “edutainment" software was instrumental in connecting school-markets, kids, teachers and consumer-markets/kids/parents, and now serves as the new launching pad for RE@L apps and software.