“RE@L Thought for the Week!” Vol. 7, February 21, 2018: "Any Teacher Afraid of Being Replaced by a Computer Should Be!


     In my later teaching days, way back in the 70′s, our district had a computer supervisor who, when asked if computers would ever replace teachers, responded with the comment in the headline you just read above.

It’s still true. Computers and all related K12 ed-tech devices are still tools. But teachers still teach.

No, we don’t see any hammers building a house either. Someone who can read a blueprint, and even change it when needed, still swings the hammers or, more often these days, shoots the nail guns.

1380 ImperialNew houses can arrive in sections now. We built a house much like that some years ago. You can see it in the photo on the left. Technology, even back then, made construction accessible to “rookie” builders like were. But, we still needed the guidance of a master carpenter, electrician and plumber.

Because of that collective expertise, the house we built is still standing. We drive by it every now and then and marvel at how much hard work went into it and the joys that came with it.

Like us, school-kids still need the guidance of a skilled teacher. Teachers today, like all most other professions, must maintain and improve their teaching. In other words, teachers must also remain learners if they want to remain teachers. There are many ways to do that these days. Unique among software companies, RE@L is a software publisher that, in additionto software, also provides teacher training and other needed classroom resources to make their teaching more effective. It takes time to create lesson plans, quizzes, web links, and additional resources. But teachers and students need them.

Sam Hira 2015Teachers don’t have a lot of spare time to address these needs . RE@L has time and talent. We can fill that critical gap to assure that not only is the teaching effective, but so is the learning. How do we know how to do that? We talk to and take advice from the school kids. RE@L has their own helper, a “Spokes-kid,” named Sam.

He’s like a spokesman, only a lot younger than most. He’s on his way to become more skilled in the area of STEM. EdTech has been a part of his entire learning life. He knows what works for kids and what doesn’t. He gives us advice that’s also helpful to teachers, kids and parents. Who knows better than a good learner what constitutes good teaching. Here’s a link to his most recent video for RE@L.

Unknown-1No, technology will not replace teachers. But it sure can help them become better teachers. That’s another reason we formed a partnership with Learners Edge™ recently. Click on the graphic to the left below for more information.

Screenshot 2017-11-14 12.18.55Learner’s Edge provides extensive online instruction, videos and course credit to teachers who need to re-up their skills or complete an advanced degree. Teachers can receive college credit for their work. They benefit, and so do the students they teach.

RE@L’s new STEM software, soon to be released, delivers on-demand, RE@L-Time learning resources to both teachers and students. The world is changing so fast that print-text just can’t deliver all that’s needed anymore. Learners Edge™ shares the same belief. That’s why we are an effective K12 ed-tech team. Check us out!

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