Students Know Answers Too: 5th Grader Gavin Delivers His Own Views On 1:1 iPads In His Classroom

Kristine Wyandt

Kristine Wyandt


The past few weeks your RE@L Blog has featured a two-part Guest Blog series by local teacher Kristine Wyandt on the topic of how well mobile technologies, like iPads, work for classroom teaching and learning.

Teacher Wyandt provided us with some key insights on how to make these tablet devices help kids in her 5th grade classroom learn more and better.

Click here for Part 1 and here for Part 2 for Ms. Wyandt’s excellent two-part series on this topic.

We thought it would be interesting to our readers to find out what a student in her classroom thinks about all of this.

Gavin is a 5th grade student in Ms. Wyandt’s classroom and has his own views on what this new technology does and doesn’t do.

Today we bring you the first in a series of videos about what a student thinks about all this 1:1 hoopla. Sure, tablets cost of lot of money, and teachers need a lot of training to create effective learning plans that integrate these devices into both teaching and learning, but do they help or do they hinder?

Sad to say, there’s been a lot of “Ready, Fire, Aim” iPad programs in school districts across the country, and even locally. In a perfect world, you want to know before you buy if the price is worth it.

Do these computers and tablets really help kids learn? It would certainly be helpful to K12 schools and districts, where funds are in short supply, to know those answers before they commit such significant time and money.

That said, better later than never. So here is a student’s view on the effectiveness of a 1:1 classroom.

(You read earlier what Gavin’s 5th grade teacher, Ms. Wyandt, had to say. If you didn’t, click the links above.)

Let’s listen now to this brief video interview from Gavin, courtesy of his mom. Click the graphic below of Gavin and his iPad to play it.

Gavin iPad

There’s more to come from Gavin, and from other students, too! RE@L believes in listening to students, as well as teachers.

After all, the students are the ones doing all the learning. That’s what makes our apps and software here at RE@L so effective.


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