The RE@L Raceway Math July Firecracker Offer! See Below!

RE@L logo_Corp_color_RGB-high-REZSummer is already 1/3 of the way to the finish line and then it’s back to school again. So, kids everywhere are enjoying their summer days, while their teachers are recharging their batteries and thinking of ways to get their students back up to speed in the fall. Teachers everywhere lament the long vacation bug known as “Summer Slide.” After 10+ weeks out of the classroom, the memory fails, the skills atrophy and kids are no longer where they were when vacation started.

Elementary teachers often have to spend the first month or so getting student skill levels back up to speed. One of their biggest challenges is re-upping their basic math facts: adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing.Classroom


ClassroomRE@L’s Raceway Math does just that for your iPad. RE@L has heard from teachers that Raceway Math provides both fun and success to the otherwise boring task of mastering number facts. Focus is required and skills are sharpened as kids compete and compare and improve. Kids need to know these skills to progress to their next levels of learning. Raceway Math is a great learning tool for special needs kids, too.

Many teachers and parents today remember that fascinating simulation game “Oregon Trail,” arguably the most famous learning game of all time. That same team, along with other creative app-makers at RE@L, now offers an array of effective software and mobile apps to meet the many K12 learning needs: from skill-building drill and practice, to project-based STEM studies, to practical life skills like creating your own successful babysitting business. Raceway Math addresses those key skill building needs.

Today we want to announce a Super Summer Saver Offer from RE@L that will help restore those number skills lost due to that infamous “Summer-Slide.” Our Raceway Math does just that. RE@L’s teacher advisory panel determined that the intent of the product is to provide a fun environment to help kids master the absolutely essential skills of knowing their basic arithmetic facts.addition Teachers know that Raceway Math is a product designed to focus multiplicationelementary kids without the distraction of useless bells and whistles.  Raceway Math has kept its effective skill rebuilding. The good holiday news is that our price has been dropped to $1.99. That’s a saving of over 50%!

Raceway Math is a great reward to give your younger kids this summer for helping out around the house, or by playing outside so you can clean the house. Raceway Math is a great way to spend a rainy afternoon, improving skills and stopping that “Summer Slide” in its tracks and gaining the lead again. subtraction Just go to our RE@L website: division and click on any or all of the bargain-priced Raceway Math icons. Your child’s teacher will be both grateful and impressed. And, even better, so will your young learner!




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Tom King & Dale LaFrenz

Dr. Tom King has served for over 40 years as an Adjunct Professor at the University of Saint Thomas in the School of Education. The Saturn School of Tomorrow, formerly a St. Paul Public School, and his visionary response to educational reform, was a lighthouse on the frontier of school change. Tom was an experienced high school teacher of mathematics, a school administrator, and Director of Technology for the St. Paul MN Public Schools. He is also a member of the RE@L Team. Dr. Dale LaFrenz is Chairman of RE@L and one of the founders of MECC Software who brought “Oregon Trail” to millions of K12 kids everywhere. He has written extensively on the history and evolution of Ed Tech. His work in forging new paths for MECC’S “edutainment" software was instrumental in connecting school-markets, kids, teachers and consumer-markets/kids/parents, and now serves as the new launching pad for RE@L apps and software.

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