“RE@L's Brief Thought for the Week!”: The Story of Old Zeke and His New Tractor: A Lesson for Educators Who Work with EdTech!

RE@L-logo_Corp_TM_New-Tag_8-15-17_CMYK     Here’s a good old technology story that will make you think again!

“A farm implement salesman wanted to sell a tractor to Old Zeke.  Zeke was still farming with his old horse, Ezra, pulling the plow. Unknown-2

One day he told Zeke he would leave him a tractor to use for a week, at no charge for Zeke to try out. Zeke allowed that he’d give it a try. 

The salesman came back a week later and asked Zeke how he liked the tractor.

“Oh, I liked it fine,” Zeke said, “and it sure was nice to be able to sit on that comfy seat while I plowed!

Unknown-3But old Ezra sure didn’t like that pulling the tractor around all day long!”” 

We educators in the know need to make sure the Zekes of the world who teach, old or young or in the middle, know how to use the many new educational technologies they’ve been given to try.

The last thing we want is to make more work for someone like a teacher who is already overworked!

If teachers don’t know how to use these new K12 EdTech tools correctly, like Zeke used his old horse Ezra, they are both going to get mighty tired in a quick hurry….and even worse, so will their students.

In a nutshell, we educators, whose goal it is that more kids learn more, need to set learning goals appropriate to each learner, and give them the tools and prescription to make those goals happen.

We need to be sure everyone knows how to use these new EdTech tools. So, check EdTEch; form a professional learning team with like-minded colleagues; take some EdTech classes or workshops and, above all, bookmark us at RE@L Blog.  


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