The Wizard of "Woz": Two Steve-Geniuses Are Better Than One! Pass It On, Steve#2!

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It took Two Steves to change the world from a playground for Geeks-Only into a fun learning place for the rest of us.

Unknown-2Sure, the vision of Steve Jobs made Apple happen, but if you were looking for someone to spend some friendly time talking about things techie, you’d have been better off sharing a cup with Steve#2, Steve Wozniak.

Unknown-3The early days of computing, before the personal computer as we know it today, was a world of geeks peering over their soldering irons and connecting chips and circuit boards, weld by weld and one by one, hoping that, in the end, these green pieces of plastic and silicon would do something cool for you, like beep.


steve-wozniak-and-steve-jobsSteve#1 wasn’t so bad at it, but he was no match for Steve#2. But together, they changed the computer world to become what it is today: a place where you and I and the rest of the world can work or play and do or learn things we could never do before.

It’s only been 40 some years since this revolution started and there’s still a revolution going on. Yes, Steve Jobs got all the press, God rest his restless soul, but Steve Wozniak was just as much a part of the dream and solution that Jobs was. It was Mr. Jobs who sang the music and Mr. Wozniak who wrote the words and melodies. Woz made it work and Jobs made it sell with a cache’ of way-cool never before seen. Talk about a Dream Team!

So, what’s the Woz’s legacy going to be? For a long time, it was Tweets on Twitter telling his fans what international airport he and his spouse were leaving and announcing the vistas they were viewing. So, what’s a billionaire to do who has more money to spend than time, given that the circuit boards didn’t need him any longer.

wozinterviewA few years of seasoning and now restless, The Woz is back to talking some techie stuff again. And, he’s talking about what the kids of today love to hear. Take Sarina Khemchandani, for example. Sarina is a 14 year old student high-school student from Orlando. Yes, she loves technology, and knows how to create a powerful website, but her passion is helping other kids be successful in their learning. Recently, her passion for what she does coaxed The Woz into giving her a video interview for her “Reach a Student” website.

Here’s her mission:

Logo_Header“Reach a Student is a website established to give students direct communication access to student mentors in various grade levels. Students will be able to reach out to other students and ask any questions they have regarding student and campus life. The site will also stream videos of students sharing their experiences at Windermere Prep as well as activities around campus.”

If that’s not a worthy cause, we don’t know what is. The Woz knew too and contributed 3 interviews shown in the links below. Sarina, like many other young, female teens these days, knows her STEM stuff and wants to find ways to share it successfully with other kids. No, it’s not easy, but learning your Science, Technology, Engineering and Math can bring you satisfying opportunities in life just like Steve and Steve had.

Or like Admiral Grace Ricker had. Click here for our previous blog on “Amazing Grace, the Navy Admiral Who Planted A Bug.”

Check out these informative videos that Sarina got from The Woz as found in the “I Programmer” website. Click on the link to the left.

1 - homepageascircle2And while you are at it, check out Sarina’s own website by clicking this link: ReachAStudent. Sarina uses her tech talent to help others learn more. How’s that for a career calling? That’s how the original computer geeks got started back in the Two Steves days. Pass it on! was their motto.

And Sarina is continuing their legacy of empowering other learners everywhere, girls and boys, women and men.

We think that Steve Jobs would approve, too.

It’s The Vision Thing! It keeps on giving…..


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Tom King & Dale LaFrenz

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