What Do Students Say About RE@L's 1Up On Vaping™? Here's Ellie's StudentCorner™ Comments: "Don't Start! If You Did, Quit!"

RE@L-logo_Corp_TM_New-Tag_8-15-17_CMYK-300x127Following up on our last blog by Teacher Todd, we now have a commentary by Student Ellie for our RE@L StudentCorner™.

Processed with VSCO with m5 presetRE@L knows that LearningProduct improvement comes from listening to both teachers and students. Below is a student’s views about vaping and smoking.

Students and teachers know best what works for them. They also help make RE@L’s products more relevant, effective and constantly improving. Feedback matters when you’re on a mission to a target. Ask NASA if you don’t believe it!

Here’s Ellie’s commentary from her own RE@L’s StudentCorner:


Hi, everyone! I’m Ellie, a student from RE@L’s StudentCorner.  Last year I wrote a short column for RE@L on STEM-based water quality for a restoration of our local waterway, the Kinnikinic River near our school. Our efforts resulted in making good changes happen! We freed the Kinni! Click the red link to read more about that project.

One of the first articles I read about vaping was on RE@L’s recent blog (click here). It was a tragic story about a teenage boy, hospitalized for lung replacement surgery caused by his use of e-cigarettes.

My first thoughts when processing this story were personal. It made me think about my own school peers who might possibly go through the same trauma should they make a similar bad choice. Stories like these abuses are truly terrifying when you realize it is happening all around America.

PrintSeeing a new prevention tool released by RE@L to keep these situations from happening is huge! This new product named “1Up On Vaping” is a fantastic guide, packed with information for teachers to help their students learn more about these dangers. (Click on the graphic to the left for more information).

Being a high school student, I still remember my middle-school days. Now, I still see a lot of smoking actions and consequences happening, first-hand. For example, some of our students vape in bathrooms. The result of this, once our teachers found out, was removing all of the school’s bathroom doors!

Vaping-RHS4For many teens like me, it is not just a story, but a legitimate problem that we often see every day, even when we are just trying to use the restroom and we walk into roomful of smoke!

Since vaping is such a new tobacco product, teens are more likely ignorant of the long term effects. When I was in middle school, tobacco products were never talked about, as it wasn’t the large health issue it is now. (Editor Note: Click on the graphic to the right for more information about Rosemount (MN) School District strategies to stop vaping and smoking.)

I can’t express how useful this new LearningProduct on Anti-Vaping by RE@L would have been to us learners when we were in middle school. I believe it would have prevented so many of the addiction and health problems we see today.

As we grow older, so does scientific information grow better, with more useful research on our health. With this new RE@L “1Up On Vaping” education tool now in place, I am convinced it will help kids get started on stopping tobacco use now!

Even better, and more hopefully, “1Up on Vaping” will stop others from choosing to start in the first place! 


RE@L thanks student Ellie for her fine student response from our RE@L StudentCorner™.

More students need to understand the serious health risks that follow from the use of tobacco.

As Ellie reminds us:It’s better to never use tobacco products.

But, for those who have, there’s no time like the present to stop this terrible addiction.

And there’s no better answer to stop it than RE@L’s new LearningProduct: “1Up On Vaping.”



Tom King & Dale LaFrenz

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