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1Up On Vaping™ FAQ

1Up on Vaping


1) What is the purpose of the product?

  • Educate middle students on the dangers of nicotine, vaping, and smoking.
  • Inform students on the decisions they will be making about nicotine use.
  • Alert students to how the media can encourage their use of nicotine.


2) How is the product content delivered?

Content is delivered via an easy-to-use online Portal that checks user access codes.  All content is available online for both school and home use.  No student data is saved by the Portal.  All students in a school use the same access password, which teachers can change periodically.


3) What is the format of the content?

Content is conveyed via an animated Narrative story with 3 chapters that includes embedded puzzles.  Key story characters are middle school students.  The student using the computer also becomes a character in the Narrative and can choose to view the Narrative dialogue in either English or Spanish.  The Narrative story contains comprehensive information about nicotine use in vaping and smoking and is supplemented with 4 interactive Games that combine game skills with content retention.


4) What topics are covered?

Topics covered include the following:

  • Effects of vaping on the human body
  • How nicotine damages human organs (especially the lungs)
  • Chemicals found in vapes and cigarettes
  • How nicotine gets to and affects the brain
  • Nicotine addiction
  • Diseases caused by smoking
  • Reasons people start smoking
  • The odds of quitting once you start smoking or vaping
  • Smoking popularity in years past
  • Peer pressure to use nicotine/tobacco
  • How vapes and cigarettes are marketed to youth
  • Practical reasons to not smoke and vape


5) What help is provided for preparing a teacher to use the product?

  • A comprehensive Teacher Guide can be accessed via the online Portal.
  • Ten Orientation Videos, 3-20 minutes in length, provide the teacher with background on the instructional activities, including expert discussions about the vaping epidemic in schools.


6) How many computers are needed for a class to use the product?

  • It is recommended that each student have their own computer.
  • The Teacher Guide suggests alternatives if students must share computers.


7) What kind of classroom schedule is needed for using the product?

Assuming class sessions of 45-60 minutes, use of the product will require 4-7 sessions, depending on whether or not the teacher assigns external research projects.  The Teacher Guide includes a unit plan and suggested projects.


8) How can students be assessed for their understanding of the content?

The teacher can assess student understanding in several ways: participation in teacher led discussion, writing answers to questions provided in the Teacher Guide, and completing optional projects that require student Internet research on the product’s topics.


9) Does the product meet national curriculum standards?

Yes, 1Up On Vaping correlates to the current National Health Education Standards.


10) What computer models will operate the product correctly?

Chromebooks, Apple Macintosh and PC


11) What browsers will operate the product correctly?

Chrome (recommended), Safari and Edge


12) Does the product require headsets for audio?

Each student should have a headset connected to their computer for hearing the Narrative dialogue and music soundtrack, plus the interactive Games soundtrack.


13) Has the product been tested in real classrooms?

As part of the product development phase, it was tested by 1,100 students, grades 6-8 in seven middle schools in three states.  Paper and pencil test data showed that students who used the product retained the new content better than before they used it, at a statistically significant level.

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