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RE@L STEM Investigations

Our Response: RE@L STEM Investigations

RE@L is launching a game-changing Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) product line-RE@L STEM Investigations. Students learn about the current world of work and the problem solving process that is commonly used in organizations:

  • Identify the problem
  • Identify information needed to explore and understand and explore solutions to the problem
  • Determine how best to obtain that information
  • Collect and interpret the information using knowledge and tools from the STEM disciplines
  • Propose workable solutions
  • Communicate the results of the investigation

Delivered through a state-of-the-art online portal, RE@L STEM Investigations provide an integrated supplemental curriculum. The three-phase experience: Classroom Learning, Field Experience, and RE@L-World Change is focused on solving real-world problems using the latest industry-based tools.

RE@L STEM Investigations’ supplemental curriculum solution is aligned to the Common Core, Federal and State curriculum standards.

STEM-circles1 Classroom Learning

 This first of the three-phased approach provides the teacher and students with the supplemental learning materials which support of the topic being studied. Our materials provided in print (PDF format), video and PowerPoint give the teacher step-by-step instructions on how to integrate and present RE@L STEM Investigations topics into their classroom. Resource materials are also provided for student use as they learn about the specifics of the topics presented. RE@L employs the “Just-in-Time” Learning approach in all the materials we provide. We believe that the training and implementation for both teachers and students should happen as close as possible to the time of the launch of the Classroom Learning phase of our RE@L Investigations. 

Field Experience

The Field Experience phase of RE@L STEM Investigations focuses on extending the learning from the classroom to the “field,” where students can apply their learning, gather data, make inferences and create presentations used in the third phase of RE@L World Change. Students use the tools provided and integrated into the RE@L Portal to gather data through print based documents, mobile devices and our Geographic Information System (GIS). These tools, used in business and industry, allow students to experience real world applications (click here to see RE@L STEM: Water Quality).

RE@L World Change

We believe one of the key tenets of STEM is that K-12 students be exposed to the inherent motivation and broad requirements of new 21st century careers. Our third phase utilizes RE@LView, an integrated video conferencing tool that supports students in the sharing of their findings with other classrooms and experts in the field wherever in the world they are. This phase allows students to see how their work can influence change in the world worldwide, all while exploring the careers that support RE@L World Change.

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