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It’s Lift-Off Time From Our RE@LReaders’ Emails And Social Media Thumbs-Up “Likes” That All Give A Big Boost To Ellie’s NASA-Surgeon Dream! Keep ‘Em Coming!

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Hey, all you loyal RE@LBlog Readers out there:

Thank you!

NASA1Thank you for your many email comments on Ellie’s  StudentCorner™ blog.

Click on the graphic to the right to read Ellie’s previous blog story if you missed it.

UnknownNote: Ellie isn’t yet an astronaut, but that’s her dream and Photoshop helped us show it. She’s still mulling over rocketing to the Space Station or the moon, but as a little girl, she rode every ride at the Mall of America! That’s no small feat!

Kids1Both Dale and Tom would say, “No way!”

Given the many email comments we received from our blog readers last time, we want to show you some of them below.

How about a brief comment from YOU! Here are some examples we received:

RE@L Needs You

Our first reader’s comment came from Ellie herself:

“Aww, I am so glad this has such a big impact and I totally agree that the numbers of women in STEM will increase as we keep giving courses…”

Here’s another upbeat comment: “Thank you, RE@L, for publishing this blog telling how important STEM classes are for young girls.  Who knows how many more women would have gone into important scientific careers had they been exposed to more STEM classes. Good luck following your dream, Ellie.”

From another email to us: “Way to go Ellie! Dr. ‘EllieBellie’ has a great ring to it…You are setting your goals to the stars and beyond! We readers are proud of you!

And below, more comments from our readers like YOU:

  • “One word: SUPER!!!!”  

  • “Another great story told by RE@L StudentCorner. I look forward to another post for the Corner!”

  • “So very interesting! Much luck to Ellie’s future endeavors!”

  • “This is a great blog! I enjoyed reading what led Ellie to this career discovery and learning that this was even a career option. Awesome! You did a great job telling your readers about your STEM career dream of becoming a NASA Flight Surgeon. You’ve got what it takes to make it happen, and also to tell the rest of us your stories on our RE@L StudentCorner.

  • “I loved reading Ellie’s corner!!!! STEM based camps and school courses have expanded the minds of young and old…. who knew all the “ behind the scenes” type of jobs available …. Ellie, how exciting for you to explore this  goal you have in mind for your future: a Flight surgeon for NASA …. that’s so awesome …. they will be so LUCKY to have you!!! You GO girl!”

In addition to the many email comments, 20 Facebook followers showed us their thumbs-up and hearts. So did the many Instagram and Twitter likes, too.

Sam Hira 2015There’s no finer tribute for a young woman like Ellie than the one from her older brother, Sam. Our readers will remember Sam from his many, fine contributions to our RE@L StudentCorner.

Here’s what brother Sam had to say: “Great post Ellie! The classes in school that were hands-on were always my favorite, I really enjoyed seeing the direct application of what I was learning. It’s great that you too see the possibilities of a STEM career, and the impact your hard work can have on following those possibilities!”

RE@L Needs YouEllieRE@L says, “Thank you for your fine contributions, Ellie. We look forward to another post from you soon for our RE@L StudentCorner™!”


RE@L would love to hear from YOU our readers to boost Ellie’s dreams for her STEM-based future.

RE@L needs YOU!

Thank you in advance for sending us your comments and suggestions.

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