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RE@L and MOAI Joint Press Release: Powerful, New Anti-Smoking Product Coming Soon From The Former Creators of “Oregon Trail™!”

by | Apr 2, 2018 | RE@L StudentCorner

RE@L-logo_Corp_TM_New-Tag_8-15-17_CMYK  MOAIRE@LBlog is proud to announce the recent Press Release that RE@L and our colleagues at MOAI Technologies have received a major grant from the National Institute for Health to develop a unique anti-smoking, online product.

More on the Press Release below.

First, why is this issue so important to RE@L’s mission?

Health and wellness are critically important topics at RE@L. Our mission focuses directly on effective, STEM-based software, including key “Social Conscience” themes. Among the themes are issues like: bullying, violence, health, women in business, and topics like renewable, wellness-promoting global resources.

UnknownIn Wikipedia, we found this clarifying definition: A social conscience is “a sense of responsibility or concern for the problems and injustices of society.”

We at RE@L believe the society that now exists must be transformed into a society that should and must exist. The burden of that difficult transformation falls upon each of us. RE@L is pledged to address it. We now focus on health and wellness.They enable more successful learning. Students who lack those two essential qualities find learning more difficult or even impossible.

Don R2Among our K12 learners, far too many of our middle school students are now compromising their health by choosing to use various addictive tobacco-based related products. Those numbers are growing and so are the healthcare costs that pay for later treatments. For many addicted to nicotine and related products, those treatments come too late to help.

In response to that concern, our RE@L Executive VP for Product Development, Don Rawitsch, also acting as Principal Investigator for MOAI Technologies, submitted a grant request to the National Institute for Health. The project goal was to create an effective software product that would educate students on danger of tobacco-related products while playing an attention-grabbing, state-of-the-art product at the same time.

mecc-1MECCGiven Don’s success at MECC in leading the production of “Oregon Trail™,” arguably the most popular educational game ever, it was not a big surprise to us here at RE@L and our team-members at MOAI that the proposal was approved to the tune of a $1M + grant!

In about a year, RE@L plans on bringing to middle-school classrooms  a new, effective interactive, online product that will convince young middle-school learners to avoid the unhealthy, deadly tobacco trail.

If students everywhere had fun by learning how to increase their odds of making it to Oregon on the Oregon Trail™, we know the same will be true for this new, entertaining, adventure product. We believe it will help students avoid addiction, and increase the odds of good health. Good learners need good health to learn well!

2cf54068cfd47a86bb9d3985febbdefbOur RE@L mission in developing this new product is two-fold:

  • We want to educate students in the middle school grades about the health hazards of smoking and chewing tobacco, as well as their using vapor products to deter their use of these addictive substances. 
  • We want to inform students about the science of the human body and how it reacts to these addictive substances. We at RE@L see another opportunity for STEM instruction in the classroom.

Here’s the link to the RE@L-MOAI Press Release.

In closing, RE@L awaits this exciting new product and learning software! We are confident that it will help:

•    Provide good health and wellness for all learners.

•    Provide middle-school students free from all tobacco-related products and nicotine addiction.

RE@L wants more strong minds in healthy bodies!


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