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One Of Four Teens Vape! It Can Be As Dangerous As Covid-19! RE@L’s New Anti-Vaping Product Helps Students Stop Vaping Or Better Never Start – Get 1Up On Vaping™ Now!

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Even during these troubled times of pandemic, middle school students everywhere continue to face another malicious malady: the potentially deadly addictions of nicotine, tobacco and vaping.

Given the loss of many healthy outdoor and indoor activities, 25% of teens still choose vaping for their so-called “recreation.” Recreation it surely is not! Read on.

200131_gma_faris_0813_hpMain_16x9_608-300x168Since vaping attacks and weakens the lungs, contracting the COVID 19 virus, vaping not only can prolong recovery, even worse, it can be fatal. It’s often called a “double whammy.” Here’s a link from a previous RE@LBlog on the danger of vaping. Click the graphic at the right to read this powerful story.

Local governments everywhere are searching for ways to stop vaping, especially among our middle school students. Big Tobacco aims their vaping ads at the same group of kids. Many states are fighting back.

The governor of the state of Minnesota, joined by other governors, has recently signed into law a requirement that prohibits the sale of any tobacco product to those under age 21.

5ec052e701e49.imageMinnesota’s Governor Tim Walz on May 16 signed 11 bills into law, including measures to raise the age to purchase tobacco to 21 and make Minnesota the first state to prohibit the use of the toxic and long-lasting chemical trichloroethylene (TCE).

“At the end of the day, our job is to keep Minnesotans safe,” said Governor Walz. “These strong bipartisan measures will improve public health and reduce preventable health risks. Raising the age to buy tobacco to 21 will help stop addiction before it starts and save young lives.”

  Additionally, a more recent law that takes effect next school year in MN requires all middle school students to receive vaping prevention instruction at least once in their curriculum. Here’s a link that summarizes the MN legislation. Minnesota is not alone on this issue.


An excerpt from California’s Public Radio station, CAPRADIO-NPR warns: “Across California, posters and billboards from the state health department warn young people about the dangers of vaping.” Click the graphic at the right for more on California’s efforts to stop vaping.

Experts say bans and information campaigns don’t get at one crucial problem: how to help young people who are already addicted to nicotine. Read on.

Screen Shot 2020-06-28 at 4.58.24 PM“Schools also have a role to play in helping to wean teens off vapes,” said Dr. Bonnie Halpern-Felsher, a well-regarded Stanford University psychologist.

She has been working with the California Department of Education to introduce curriculums that both warn students about the dangers of vaping and give them necessary resources to quit.

“If you catch a kid using, rather than suspend them, we’re hoping you’ll educate and help them gain motivation and quit,” she said. “We’re actually creating ways now that parents and health care providers, and kids themselves, can use these activities.” Click her graphic to hear her comment.

1UpOnVapingThat’s also what RE@L’s “1Up On Vaping” does: help students make their own informed choices. It’s designed to Take Down Teen Nicotine before and after it starts!

RE@L’s STEM LearningProduct, 1Up On Vaping™  helps students better understand the risks of vaping and the continuing lifelong dangers of nicotine use. RE@L’s products provide students and teachers with:

  • Relevant curriculum on this timely social and health issue impacting middle school students
  • Student-tested, engaging curriculum that includes interactive games that are fun and emphasize key learning points
  • Curriculum designed to be used online, both in the classroom and in remote online learning environments
  • Best-in-class teacher support materials including an extensive classroom teacher guide with demonstration videos, and now a new “Home Learning Guide” 
  • Alignment with Common Curriculum Standards, and supports National Institutes of Health Standards

Screen Shot 2020-06-28 at 4.43.47 PMFurthermore, RE@L tests its products widely to make certain they are effective. We continue to work closely with a local  teacher, Rebecca Main, who was among the first teachers to pilot our 1Up On Vaping LearningProduct with her Health and Physical Education class.

Here’s what Ms. Main has to say about generating “authentic” student interest. Click on her graphic to the left for her brief video clip.

Processed with VSCO with m5 presetOur RE@L StudentCorner contributor Ellie had this to say about her recent view of RE@L’s 1Up On Vaping product:

“I can’t express how useful this new LearningProduct on Anti-Vaping by RE@L would have been to us learners when we were in middle school. I believe it would have prevented so many of the addiction and health problems we see today. As we grow older, so does scientific information grow better, with more useful research on our health. With this new RE@L “1Up On Vaping” education tool now in place, I am convinced it will help kids get started on stopping tobacco use now!” Click her graphic to read Ellie’s previous blog on this issue.

Action is needed from many sectors: from State Governors to Public Media to Higher-Ed Faculty Experts to Experienced K12 Teachers to Students and also to Parents. Let’s make a collective call to action to end this dangerous vaping. RE@L’s 1Up On Vaping™ helps leads the call.

1_up_banner_3-04-1024x355But, does it work? Just ask those other students, local teachers, and national experts who have used RE@L’s 1Up On Vaping. They know! “Yes, it works!” is their answer. And that’s the answer that matters.

Want to help? Call, email, text your state leaders, governors, departments of education, school superintendents, curriculum supervisors and principals. Let your voice be heard!  

Ask your school leaders to put RE@L’s “1Up on Vaping” in your school. All the “How-To-Make-It-Happen” comes with it. 

Order “1Up On Vaping” for Your School’s Students Now!

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Be Ready to Help Stop Your Students Vaping!

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/// Dr. Dale LaFrenz is Chairman of RE@L, Inc and one of the founders of MECC, Inc - the Minnesota company that brought “Oregon Trail” and more than a hundred products to millions of K12 students across the world. HIs RE@L Inc continues to serve K12 as a LearningProduct "launching pad" for schools, online learning and the rapidly growing STEM market. /// Randy Nelson recently joined RE@L as a BlogMeister and Director of Education for RE@L's new STEM-based LearningProducts. Randy has long been an advocate for more positive, effective changes in K-12 teaching and learning, from his teaching days to his former career as a Superintendent who positively reformed the school district of LaCrosse Wisconsin.w