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Progress. Advancement. Headway. Momentum. Gains.

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Progress. Advancement. Headway. Momentum. Gains.

These are words that could be used to describe the state of Minnesota’s recent successes in the commitment to ‘Take Down Teen Nicotine‘. In our May 7, 2023 blog, Hey Minnesota! We See You! What’s Next?,  we FIRST congratulated Minnesota’s Attorney General, Keith Ellison, after the announced $60.5 million dollar settlement with JUUL and Altria. These are companies that for years have been been making significant money by advertising their nicotine products to impressionable young people, subsequently leading many down the path of addiction. 

SECOND, we applauded the quick work of Representative Koahly Her, who introduced a bill (HF2422) that would earmark the settlement funds for future tobacco prevention education. Representative Her’s bill quickly found interest from Senator Kelly Morrison, who authored a companion Senate bill (SF1320).  With the necessary fine-tuning and a strong commitment from legislators, the combined legislation found its way in to the final bill which was signed into law by Governor Tim Walz on May 24. Hooray!

At RE@L, we applaud this great example (and there are many) of legislative collaboration on something that matters so much to the future of our young people, and in the broader context, the state as a whole. The demonstrated commitment — not to partisan politics — but to young people and their health is a textbook example of how our legislators can do the right thing

As a result of this work beginning with the attorney general’s announced settlement to the united commitment of Minnesota’s legislators, settlement funds will now be directed to the Department of Health budget for use in tobacco prevention and support for cessation.

At RE@L, we are supporting these important efforts with 1Up On Vaping™, our highly-engaging web-based curriculum, designed to help middle school students learn about the inherent dangers associated with nicotine use, especially through vaping. 1UP On Vaping™ places the student as the main character in a graphic arts story. Through the journey, the student interacts with other characters in the story, and learns about the impacts of nicotine use on the brain, the body, and friendships.

While it’s too early to fully know how these settlement funds will be made available to schools, 1UP On Vaping™ is a strong curriculum tool for educators who are wishing to make a difference-making impression on young people BEFORE they begin to experiment. Built on standards as required by the National Institutes of Health, 1Up On Vaping™ is a creative, versatile tool developed by RE@L’s Executive Vice-President of Product Development, Don Rawitsch, who is well know for creating the legendary educational simulation, The Oregon Trail.


Progress. Advancement. Headway. Momentum. Gains.

Make RE@L’s 1Up On Vaping™ part of your school and community’s youth education strategy today.

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Randy Nelson is a retired educator of 38 years. He served students as a high school speech, theater, and English teacher. He served colleagues as a director of curriculum and instruction; and, most recently he served the La Crosse, WI school district as its superintendent of schools. He has a strong leadership track record promoting choice and innovation via unique community partnerships. He currently serves RE@L, inc as its Director of Education.