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RE@L Recognizes Rich Daly – A Career-Long, STEM-Tech Leader Committed to More Successful Learners at All Ages!

by | Oct 21, 2019 | RE@L StudentCorner | 0 comments

RE@L-logo_Corp_TM_New-Tag_8-15-17_CMYK-300x127 RE@L is always on the lookout for the stories of leaders who help make STEM-based learning happen for students and teachers in K12 EdTech, wherever they are. They tend to be young leaders, full of energy and insight. But not always.

Rich_DaleyRight here in our own Minnesota backyard, we have a leader who’s been at the helm of High-Tech for 75 years.

His name is Rich Daly. He is 96 years young. In his many careers, starting as an engineer at ERA/Univac, formerly CEO of Comserv, and later a leader of his own high-tech consulting firm, Consatech, Rich continues to lead needed changes in high-tech. To say “no grass grows” under his track shoes is no exaggeration. Rich still moves quickly, wisely and purposefully.

RE@L is proud to help tell Rich Daly’s story. We are confident more high-tech stories from Rich will be soon be forthcoming and worth our reading. Our new RE@L stories are among them. Rich Daly is a member of the Minnesota Science & Technology Hall of Fame. Deservedly so. Click on the image of Rich Daly to read the rest of his story.

Read the comments by Kate Rubin about Rich Daly:

Kate_Rubin“[He’s] a bright light. Optimistic, fun, and more energy than three people half his age. Absolutely committed to doing everything he can to help make our Minnesota tech-based economy strong.” 

Comments by Kate Rubin, former President, Minnesota High Tech Association

Ms. Rubin also adds: “In many respects, Richard Daly created the scene in the regional high-tech community. After honing his executive-level skills bringing Comserv from a small start-up specializing in software products to an international corporation…Daly set about empowering other small high-tech start-ups. Through his management consultant firm Consatech, he is credited with advising upwards of 200 high-tech businesses.”

It’s wonderful to see Rich Daly still leading the pack at age 90+!

Today’s view is that today it often takes new, high-technology tools to be successful. At RE@L we also believe it makes a major difference if learners today have a STEM-education. STEM-based learning today can help create the new tech leaders tomorrow.

UnknownRE@L Chairman, Dale LaFrenz, a long-time acquaintance of Rich Daly, has this list of bullet-point quotes  below to describe this career-long, tech-based leader who has made our Minnesota high-tech-based industry stronger:

  • 96 years “young,”
  • Committed to pertinent goals,
  • A true “tech-pioneer,”
  • An advocate for the future,
  • A steady anchor for the MN tech-industry,
  • 75 years a wise spokesman for High-Tech,
  • Committed to advancing strong High-Tech leadership and vision,
  • Supporter of STEM-based teaching and learning in K12,
  • Advisor for RE@L’s new STEM LearningProducts™ soon coming to market,
  • Ready to advance new and powerful ideas for High-Tech in Minnesota.

Dale believes Rich Daly is the “organizational glue” that keeps all who work in High-Tech focused on new and better tools for teachers and for the students. Rich believes that the students of today will be the high-tech workers in the new industries of tomorrow. RE@L is bringing these powerful, new STEM tools to market this school year.


logo-tpt-webThe Minnesota High Technology Association (MHTA) and Twin Cities Public Television (TPT) recently recognized the work of Rich Daly, including him among the experienced, knowledgable panelists for KTCA: “Solid State: The Land of 10,000 Secrets!” 

RE@L’s recent blog overview on that event, and the comments of MHTA President, Jeff Tollefson, can be found by clicking here.

Rich Daly, along with RE@L leader, Dale LaFrenz, and other knowledgable panelists offered helpful insights into Minnesota’s long time High-Tech leadership. More importantly they offered new ideas to keep MN moving forward again.

Here’s one of the many insights Rich offered to the panel’s contributions: “It’s interesting how many initiatives are underway encouraging innovation, making it easier to start companies and to help Minnesota’s entrepreneurs.”

One of those significant innovations mentioned by Rich Daly aligned with the comments of Dale LaFrenz: the “innovative entrepreneurs of tomorrow” are in the the classrooms of today. RE@L is committed to providing the powerful learning tools and resources to make it happen.

IMG_3165RE@L asked Rich Daly if he had any graphics or photos we could include in this blog. The photograph he sent to us about the future (see the graphic to the right) says it all about the mission we need in place today:

Life’s best stories from tomorrow’s leaders will be told by learners who have only just begun.”

RE@L is pleased to provide the teaching and learning tools to help make it happen.

We are equally pleased to work with a High-Tech pioneer like Rich Daly.

He has helped us at RE@L focus on our motto: “For the love of learning.”

Rich loves learning, too…and he also loves sharing it!

Thank you, Rich Daly!