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Welcome To Our New RE@L Website Feature: STEM Case Studies 

Case Study 2: RE@L’s STEM Water-Quality Investigations

RE@L is in the process of creating its own STEM software series. The first module in the series is called Water-Quality Investigations. RE@L’s unique, mold-breaking STEM product brings new, key resources to both teachers and students that make learning far more effective and timely.

DonRawitsch-CoverDesigned by one of the creators of MECC’s award-winning Oregon Trail™, Don Rawitsch, RE@L’s STEM Water-Quality Investigations” combines the best of collaborative classroom project based activities and real-world learning access.

jon-johnson-stem-scienceThis new product has been field-tested with Wisconsin science teacher, Jon Johnson and his middle school science students. Watch the video to hear Jon talk about his STEM Water Quality Investigations. Just click on his graphic to the left.

Additionally, Water-Quality Investigations has also been tested in the Miami-Dade public schools. RE@L, like MECC before them, has an exemplary record of testing their software products to insure they put the best possible tools in the hands of both teachers and learners.

Delivered through a state-of-the-art online portal, RE@L STEM Investigations provide an integrated supplemental curriculum. The three-phase experience: Classroom Learning, Field Experience, and RE@L-World Change is focused on solving real-world problems using the latest industry-based tools.

RE@L also listens to the students we serve. In fact they work closely with us in the development of our many software products. Sam is a teenager who enjoys STEM learning and is an advisor to RE@L. Sam is also tech-savvy from learning with these new tools.

rel-stem-video-by-samWe asked teen-ager Sam to make his own video in his own words about the importance of STEM and learning. Click the graphic to see and hear Sam’s message.

We are predicting a fine and satisfying career for Sam, and would not be surprised to find STEM as a part of it.

We see STEM and RE@L software helping other young learners, and their teachers.  RE@L software and RE@l resources can be accessed everywhere and anytime.

That’s RE@L Learning!