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RE@L Sees Fewer New Class-Rooms in Our Futures; Instead More New Team-Rooms™; New and Better Places to Learn Real-World STEM Skills

by | Jul 9, 2018 | RE@L StudentCorner | 0 comments

RE@L-logo_Corp_TM_New-Tag_8-15-17_CMYK   What makes RE@L STEM Learning Products like no other competitor, and far more successful too?

Yes, “For the Love of Learning,” as you can see on our logo to the left, is a big part of what drives us to greater excellence. But there are many other reasons, as well.

stemYou will read a lot more about about our new strategies here on our upcoming blogs, as our new software products emerge for K12 EdTech STEM schools in the near future.

     For now, here are two unique features about RE@L for our readers to ponder:

imageNo other EdTech Learning Products competitor we know uniquely focuses on team-based, project-based, hands-on learning for both girls and boys in K12 Learning Team-Rooms.

RE@L puts its money where its goals are, and has formed a team of savvy students to work with us. Read on.

Thoughtful STEM students will come to us from grades 7-12. They will help us create, test and tweak our new Learning Products so that more and more learners can learn more real-world skills.  

We call this unique, new RE@L-Team feature, “Sam’s RE@L EdTech Helpers Corner™.” Sam has been our student voice at RE@L for several years now. We listen and learn from students like Sam.

Sam Hira 2015Sam has been helping us out here at RE@L all the way back to his own middle school days. He not only gives us new STEM ideas to think about, he also helps us tell the story about our new products, often by creating his own video narratives to describe what we’re doing.

Sam EdTechCorner VideoHere’s Sam’s most recent video report on RE@L’s new learning product: Water Quality™. Sam shows us all a powerful, new RE@L real-world way for students to learn and share with their Learning-Teams. 

Click on the graphic at the left to visit Sam’s new Student EdTech Corner and view his new video report on RE@L’s new Water Quality™ product.

Sam reports his stories with a student’s viewpoint….that’s a view we at RE@L and our readers need to know. 

The RE@L good news coming to schools this fall is they will have access to our first, exciting new STEM learning product: Water Quality™.

Ellie 2017If you think learning more about Water Quality doesn’t interest young girls in middle school today, read below the comments of Ellie, our new member of RE@L EdTech Student Helpers Corner. Ellie is now a contributing member of Sam’s EdTech STEM Corner™, and we need more student helpers!

Ellie chose a STEM project in school this spring on the topic of water quality in a nearby river called the Kinnikinnic, or “Kinni” for short. Great name, what?

Below you will find pertinent excerpts of Ellie’s Water Quality report. Ellie clearly knows her EdTech STEM stuffShe shared this project with her classmates, and also delivered it to a local community group. More readers need to see it.


Here are some excerpts from Ellie’s report to her class and presentations to other groups in her community. Read on:

Kinni River   “Freeing the Kinnikinic River is a topic with a lot of controversy and strong opinions. We should all vote to free the Kinni to benefit our world and in many other ways. According to the members of the Kinni Corridor Project, removing the dams is estimated to cost 15 million dollars.  

   “But spreading the cost out among our community means that the cost per taxpayer is about $2.00 a month to remove the dams! That’s like a pack of gum, except instead of some fresh breath, we would have more pure waters in our Kinni, affecting both wildlife and our enjoyment.

Unknown   “If we remove these dams and bring the river back to its natural form with its gorgeous waterfalls, then we can proudly call our city, River Falls, the City on the Kinni, and mean it, too.  We can come home after a hard day of work and appreciate our nature, and float on a tube or in a canoe through the whole Kinni without a single dam in the way. 

So, how does this all affect Water Quality? Remember what we all learned from our research on a hydroelectric dam; it greatly and negatively affects both fish life and our water quality. Let’s preserve our rivers and water quality! Keep it pure!” – Ellie

RE@L believes it’s imperative that we have more K12 girls taking STEM courses and considering STEM careers. RE@L is looking for more students to join Sam and Ellie’s Student Corner.They can help us improve our software products and tell their own stories about their uses.

Let us know if you are interest by clicking on the Comments at the bottom of this page. 

STEM WQI Graphic2

The entire world of tomorrow is waiting for the

skills and leadership of students today!


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