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RE@LCast™ “Ellie says, STEM has guided you there where you are! Now, just pursue your goals and reach them!!!”

by | Mar 20, 2022 | RE@L StudentCorner | 0 comments

At RE@L, we are committed to provide for educators and students best-in-class science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) curriculum and programming. We leverage our unique, student-driven experiences to create even stronger opportunities for career exploration.

Based on 2020 date from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), women represent only 28% of the workforce in STEM. Perhaps that number is not a surprise to you. At RE@L, we believe it should be much higher. It’s a different kind of ‘March Madness’ needed that should be turning our collective heads toward STEM and making sure that women are equally represented both in STEM careers and compensation. 

A report from the American Association of University Women (AAUW) entitled, “The STEM Gap: Women and Girls in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics,” is a comprehensive study about these gaps. To review the full report, check out the link above.

The report outlines four historical hurdles for women in pursuing STEM careers:

gender stereotypes,

male-dominated cultures,

fewer role models, and

math anxiety

So, let’s meet Ellie! She is a graduating high school senior in a Wisconsin school district, and she has had a “laser-like” focus on STEM careers. While some students may see these hurdles as obstacles, Ellie sees them as “opportunities.” Why?

Here’s why: Your Blogmeister recently visited with Ellie about her career ambitions in her STEM world. Our recent conversation is now available here in our most recent episode of RE@LCast™.

Just click the banner below to hear our RE@LQuestions and Ellie’s RE@LAnswers and the stories that go with them.

Ellie is a welcomed and accomplished past student contributor to our RE@L Blogsite student center. For a broader perspective, you can read her past RE@Lblogs by clicking the links below. 

There is more to come from this young female STEM student as she pursues her pathway to a STEM career. Our RE@LBlog will keep you posted on her progress!

Have any STEM questions or answers or ideas for future blogs? Click here to Send an email to the Blogmeister to let him know. 




Randy Nelson


Randy Nelson is a retired educator of 38 years. He served students as a high school speech, theater, and English teacher. He served colleagues as a director of curriculum and instruction; and, most recently he served the La Crosse, WI school district as its superintendent of schools. He has a strong leadership track record promoting choice and innovation via unique community partnerships. He currently serves RE@L, inc as its Director of Education.