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RE@LCast™: RE@L Podcast Insights From Teacher, Rebecca Main, Cyber Village Academy

by | Feb 20, 2022 | RE@L StudentCorner | 0 comments

Welcome to RE@LCast™, a podcast developed and presented by We are a company of educators dedicated to providing outstanding STEM-based opportunities for teachers and students alike. We leverage strong curriculum-based experiences to create even stronger opportunities for career exploration.

At the core of a strong education system are great educators. At RE@L, we celebrate the educators in our past who have been our teachers, our mentors, our friends, and our coaches. Today, we celebrate with fervent admiration and compassion the great educators who everyday put-it-on-the-line to support our nation’s children. RE@LCast™ reflects our commitment to honor them with their voices.

In this episode of RE@LCast™, your Blogmeister visits with Rebecca Main, an experienced physical education and health teacher at the Cyber Village Academy in Minnesota. Rebecca first focuses on the challenges that she and her colleagues and her students seem to be facing at this midway point of this pandemic-affected school year. Then, Rebecca talks about the stressors that are impacting students and how vaping might be used as a coping mechanism during difficult times like these. Third, Rebecca focuses on her classroom experience with RE@L’s unique, hands-on anti-vaping curriculum, 1Up On Vaping™. Finally, she touches on classroom hope — what gives the entire class hope, including strategies for students to navigate the many challenges they face.

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Randy Nelson


Randy Nelson is a retired educator of 38 years. He served students as a high school speech, theater, and English teacher. He served colleagues as a director of curriculum and instruction; and, most recently he served the La Crosse, WI school district as its superintendent of schools. He has a strong leadership track record promoting choice and innovation via unique community partnerships. He currently serves RE@L, inc as its Director of Education.