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RE@L’s Recommended STEM Case Studies



Case Study 1: REALMS Middle School

“REALMS (Rimrock Expeditionary Alternative Learning Middle School) is a magnet school in Bend-La Pine Schools serving 150 sixth through eighth grade students who seek a school where academically rigorous curriculum meets active pedagogy.”  

Recently REALMS was recognized with the Expeditionary Learning Credential Award, a much sought after certification. RE@L notes that the described Expeditionary Learning is also STEM Learning.

Click on this link for more information on REALMS Expeditionary projects and how it complements STEM learning.


Case Study 1, Part 2: REALMS Middle School Recognition Award

Click on this link for more information on REALMS recent recognition for their unique and successful school.


Case Study 2:   RE@L’s STEM Investigations: Water-Quality™

RE@L is in the process of creating its own STEM software series. The first module in the series is called Water-Quality Investigations. RE@L’s unique, mold-breaking STEM product brings new, key resources to both teachers and students that make learning far more effective and timely.

Designed by one of the creators of MECC’s award-winning Oregon Trail™, Don Rawitsch, “Water-Quality Investigations” combines the best of collaborative classroom and real-world learning.

Click on this link for information on RE@L’s STEM Water Quality Investigatons and how it complements STEM learning.