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Welcome to the World of RE@L: Real Experiences at Life

[h3]The Opportunity[/h3]

STEM2We at RE@L believe that K12 students, both girls and boys, need to learn more about STEM. STEM helps them and their teachers better understand the fast-changing world we live in today. Further, it helps prepare our youth for tomorrow’s growing number of satisfying STEM careers.

RE@L also believes that “STEM creates a new cohort of solution-finders for real world problems. We understand the importance of “educating towards innovation.” RE@L is helping regenerate America’s K12 interest in STEM.

STEM-circles1-437x1024RE@L will be a key provider of the new tools teachers need to teach STEM.

RE@L will help students become “STEM-savvy” and leaders in the emerging STEM workforce.

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