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Part 2: The Rest of The Story “1Up On Vaping™”: RE@L’s Closing Interview With Teacher Lucinda Ranney’s Sharing “1Up” Results. YES! Students Said, “It Worked!”

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RE@L-logo_Corp_TM_New-Tag_8-15-17_CMYK-300x127The last RE@LBlog left our many readers with this question, begging a very important answer: “Does 1Up On Vaping™” really work?

Good question indeed! The answer you will find below is that virtually ALL of her students were excited to learn more about the dangers of vaping….every last one of them!

Tacy Mangan RE@L ConsultantRead below for the rest of our 1Up On Vaping™ story from RE@L consultant, Tacy Mangan. Here’s the closing interview with middle school teacher and 1Up user, Lucinda Ranney.

RE@L says our special thanks to Tacy for summarizing the rest of this important story, and also to Lucinda for sharing it with us. Read on:

“Tacy: We think one of the selling points of this curriculum is that it is something that students could do on their own, although I know you prefer teaching it in the classroom. So, first of all, tell us your overall impressions of the 1Up On Vaping product at this point.

Lucinda RanneyLucinda: I prefer to do my own content delivery. If it had come to me in January, I might have said, “yeah, that’s a really cool product,” but I want to teach my kids. In an environment where I couldn’t do that, this was a life-saver to be able to have some quality content with an engaging format for the students…

…I also didn’t want them going too far if others were having trouble. So, it gave me a little bit of troubleshooting time to break it up that way. I know that my assignment turn-in rate was almost one hundred percent.

I think they figured it was about ninety-five percent, and so my turn-in rate of those two assignments was significantly higher than any other assignment that I gave them. I was super lucky. I had pretty high turn-out compared to some of my staff, anyway. 

These particular lessons resulted in almost one hundred percent turn-in-rate. It tells me that they were engaged, that they learned and that they were willing to follow through with the assessment.

Tacy: Why do you think the 1Up On Vaping content was so engaging for the students?


Lucinda:  Students like that it was interactive and they could make some choices throughout the game. It kept them involved as opposed to just watching a video. They got to make some choices, have a little control of where the characters headed throughout the game.

Tacy: What do you think about the actual content itself, how did the content appeal to the students? Do you think it was written in their language or delivered in a way that they were familiar with or that appealed to them?

Lucinda: I’m looking at some questions on my survey and I asked the kids to list concepts that they learned about vaping from the 1Up On Vaping lessons. And this was in a Google Survey that I sent out so I could have something to plan with this year if we were still here. And I’m just looking through their answers.

200131_gma_faris_0813_hpMain_16x9_608-300x168A student said that they:

  • “learned that vaping is worse for the lungs than I thought; it can cause more damage and multiple diseases.”
  • Another one said, “Just don’t vape!”

A lot of students refer to the fact that they didn’t realize vaping was as harmful as cigarette smoking. And that is definitely a concept I want them to get because the marketing does not give that message.

  • Still another student:“I learned how vaping actually works, why it’s just as bad as a cigarette.”
  • And one more, “I learned there’s many different ways someone starts, many different reasons, like peer pressure, addiction.”

So, they all learned some positive, helpful things about vaping issues.

I think it’s also impressive that they did retain the information and had such clear answers. I will compare that to the marijuana lesson that I did with a different website. Their answers are about that material. and are not as detailed, for sure.

Tacy: Do you prefer to teach this curriculum in the classroom with the students there, or I guess maybe at this point you don’t really have a choice? But what if you did have a choice? Would you prefer teaching in the classroom or go with a distance learning approach?

Screen-Shot-2020-07-23-at-9.28.39-AMLucinda:  Oh, definitely in the classroom. What I will say, having used this program now, when we do return to the classroom, I would keep using this program….I could use it as a supplemental homework assignment because they could do it at home or I could have them do it in class. They could do the first chapter, get in small groups, talk about the answers, and maybe even have them do it with a partner where they have to discuss the choices before they move on.

Tacy: You say the students have successfully used it in a distance-learning way. Are they also playing the games, as well? Are you also providing the games to them or are you focusing more on the curriculum?

Screen Shot 2020-10-26 at 2.24.43 PMLucinda: They did BOTH! Yes, they reacted to the product in general. I do feel like they provided some feedback, to see if they made any comments separating the two. I don’t think they did!

Tacy: Ok, just wondering  if you do find any information, RE@L would love to hear about that. Our goal is always to continue to improve the product. And that kind of feedback is really invaluable, especially from students.

Lucinda: …90 percent of the kids recommend using it, about twice as many more in seventh grade than sixth grade. What this tells me is that [1Up On Vaping] could go into the curriculum wherever I needed it….For your marketing purposes, I thought that was kind of an interesting recommendation from the kids, about 90 percent of them recommend using it.

Print“What 13 year-old is going to get excited about reading an article and answering a worksheet of questions?” Tacy:….So, you’re saying that overall, students feel our 1Up On Vaping is more appropriate for a sixth-grade class rather than seventh grade?

Lucinda: Yeah, and that isn’t to say they wouldn’t recommend it for sixth grade, what that tells me is that almost 60 percent of the kids felt that it was spot-on right for them.

Not necessarily that it wasn’t good for a sixth grader, but that it was good for them, too! I had almost one hundred percent response rate. 

That’s definitely the majority of the entire grade level!!!”


Yes, indeed! RE@L’s “1Up On Vaping™” can help stop vaping and tobacco use!

RE@L thanks Tacy and Lucinda for their insightful report on the many ways students have learned from “1Up On Vaping.”

With the many resources provided, RE@LResources also help teachers make success happen!

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