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RE@L STEM Investigation: Water Quality™

The RE@L STEM Investigations™ product line focuses on student hands-on projects that integrate the four STEM disciplines of Science, Technology, Environment, Mathematics.

These investigations model the problem-solving process, provide experience in tool use and data analysis, and encourage reporting to local officials.

The first RE@L STEM Investigations module is Water Quality. Students learn the importance of water quality and how it impacts local watersheds. They identify the parameters that indicate a healthy body of water.

Students conduct a field survey of a local water source using an online Geographic Information System (GIS) to record and share measurements of water quality obtained through chemical testing and invertebrate population counts.

The data and findings are delivered online and through live presentations to other classes and community organizations including the local Department of Natural Resources (DNR) .

RE@L has already completed a successful pilot test with the Miami-Dade County Public Schools.



Further topics under development include Forensic Science, Concert Tour Planning, Green Home Construction, and Vehicle Traffic Flow. All are based on the RE@L Investigation model that includes classroom experiences, field experiences (live or simulated), and connection to professionals in the field.


There are more real-world RE@L STEM Investigations™ to come!